Customer Testimonials

Skip the big name jewelry stores and come here. You wont be disappointed.

- Stefan H.Seattle, Wa Read More

Everything I would want at a jewelry store.

- Tony C.Bellevue, WA Read More

I recommend J. Lewis to anyone and everyone without any hesitation.

- Val W.Kirkland, WA Read More

The people we worked with were wonderful and accommodating and it was a wonderful experience overall.

- Tammy M.Bellevue, WA Read More

I am such a fan of J. Lewis Jewelry and absolutely thrilled that I found them when I moved to Bellevue in 2012.

- Teres D.Bellevue, WA Read More

My custom engagement ring is gorgeous! Jill took fantastic care of my husband (and me!) and we will be lifelong clients. Thank you!

- Emily M.Seattle, WA Read More

Best jeweler around, Jill and the entire staff is amazing.

- Sabrina D.Bellevue, WA Read More

Will definitely come back and look for our wedding bands here!

- Kendall B.Seattle, WA Read More

Highly recommend for finding/creating your engagement ring!

- Ann H.Kenmore, WA Read More

It is very refreshing when shopping for the perfect ring.

- T.M. R.Bothell, WA Read More

J. Lewis is amazing! I was referred to Jill after a rough experience with another jeweler.

- Rachel G.Bellevue, WA Read More

I LOVE this store and I love the people who work there. They are always more than helpful and I have never been disappointed with their advice. Workmanship on custom pieces is excellent and their prices are great! Just wish I had more discretionary funds

- Talby G.Bellevue, WA Read More

I don't think there is anyone better than J. Lewis Jewelry!

- Tiffany S.Bellevue, WA Read More

It is service like this that keeps you coming back!

- Don R.Bellevue, WA Read More

I went to J. Lewis Jewelry on the strength of reviews here on Yelp, but my plan was to visit several stores. My husband and I took in an old brooch from my grandmother that had numerous tiny diamonds. Our goal was to create a ring with some of the diamond

- Judy G.Bellevue, WA Read More

Kelsie is extremely professional and very informative when I buy things there. I walk out with confidence knowing that I purchased a fine piece of jewelry. Would recommend to anyone!

- Warren G.Bellevue, Washington Read More

When I met Jill to size it, I was a fan for life!! She is amazing, listening to everything you want and wish for and does her best to make it a reality.

- Lisa C.Seattle, WA Read More

Kelsey helped me find the perfect setting and I could not be happier with the way it turned out.

- Anika E.Renton, WA Read More

LOVE this establishment.

- Megan O.Bellevue, WA Read More

I have known Jill for more than 30 years. She is super talented in every aspect of jewelry design.

- Nancy A.Bellevue, WA Read More

I have had many pieces of jewelry designed by Jill and loved every single one of them.

- David L.Bellevue, WA Read More

Excellent service and selection. Found our new family jeweler... and our wedding bands!

- Meriann B.Bellevue, WA Read More

Very nice people to work with, and beautiful jewelry!

- Steve J.Bellevue, WA Read More

My custom ring is fabulous and I cannot stop staring at my hand!!!

- Rachel L.Bellevue, WA Read More

I had J. Lewis Jewelry create my gorgeous ring of a lifetime.

- Jana I.Bellevue, WA Read More

I can't say enough great things about J. Lewis Jewelers!!

- Chris C.Kirkland, WA Read More

Great service, awesome experience. They created a very unique engagement ring for me and it was gorgeous!

- Carlos M.Silver Spring, MD Read More

Jill and her Staff are absolutely fantastic!

- Laurie B.Bellevue, WA Read More

The service and quality of work is truly exceptional.

- Summer S.Bellevue, Washington Read More

Dear Jill and Pete, Thank you so much for helping us out with our wedding/engagement rings.

- Lisa B.Bellevue, Washington Read More

The ring itself turned out absolutely amazing!!!

- Patti P.Renton, WA Read More

Great retail experience today.

- Geoff H.Bellevue, WA Read More

Love, love my custom engagement ring that Kelsie designed for me!

- Angela F.Bellevue, WA Read More

Everyone I worked with wanted to make sure I was happy, even after the sale. I felt Jill and her staff truly wanted everything to be just right. Thank you to everyone. We would definitely recommend these guys. And...... we will be back!

- Donna J.Renton, WA Read More

Thank you so much for helping us with this important decision, and you have our recommendation 100%!

- Dan H.Redmond, WA Read More

Jill and Pete are the best folks to work with when picking out jewelry, redesigning a current piece or fixing something important to you.

- Sharon B.Bellevue, Washington Read More

This is a good place to establish a long-term relationship with your jeweler. They truly care about their customers.

- Michelle M.Seattle, WA Read More

J. Lewis Jewelry is absolutely the best jewelry store I have ever been to.

- Elizabeth P.Kirkland, WA Read More

Everything in their display case looked gorgeous as well... I know where we'll be getting our wedding bands!!!

- Dana B.Kirkland, WA Read More

I love J.Lewis!!! Kelsey is on their staff and she was amazing! I can't say enough good things about J. Lewis!

- Lydia A.Bellevue, WA Read More

Not only do they have the most fascinating pieces, but they can get anything you want.

- Suzie C.Everett, WA Read More

We are so happy with this special ring and were happy with the value and the process of customizing it. J Lewis is my Jeweler and they will treat everyone who chooses to work with them fairly and with so much integrity.

- Beth M.Issaquah, WA Read More

The end product turned out flawless and I recommend Jill and J. Lewis Jewelers to anyone looking for custom made jewelry- or a great selection of in-stock sets to browse through.

- Kerry A.Seattle, Washington Read More

Very professional, knowledgeable staff and the price is reasonable.

- Risa T.Clyde Hill, WA Read More