Customer Testimonials

Chris C.

Kirkland, WA


I can't say enough great things about J. Lewis Jewelers!! My girlfriend and I (now fiancée) had been engagement ring shopping at several different stores, both chains and independent jewelers, for a couple of months before we took our friends recommendation and visited "Jill's". The staff, especially Kelsey and Jill, were absolutely fabulous! They made us feel so welcome, answered any questions we had, and were not pressuring whatsoever! Within the first visit, I had decided I wanted to work with "Jill's" in getting my girlfriend the ring of her dreams! They are so genuine and honest, and very kind people. They understand the importance of getting the perfect ring for the perfect girl, and will at no point view a sale over getting a couple what they want.

The quality of rings they have are superb, definitely the best I have seen, and the most variety! My fiancée and I had an idea of the type of design we wanted and were able to talk with the staff, discuss options, and custom build our perfect ring by combining our own thoughts, and taking from examples Jill already had in her store! We also wanted a very specific and rare cut diamond, so Jill ordered a number of options in for us to look over and choose from until we found "the one"!! Throughout the whole process, Jill worked within our budget, and was able to find exactly what we wanted!

I can honestly say that this part of the proposal process has been a much better experience than I ever could have hoped for, and I completely attribute it to the help and kindness of everyone at "Jill's"! As a guy, it can be extremely stressful trying to find that perfect ring that your future wife is going to wear for the rest of her life! Well, go to Jill's and I promise you that the stress is almost completely alleviated! It's still a daunting task obviously, but they are just so helpful and accommodating, it makes it a lot easier!!!

My fiancée and I could not be happier with the ring she now wears, it is truly incredible and all thanks to J. Lewis Jewelers! When making a large purchase, and especially on something as important as an engagement ring, you want to work with people you trust! I will be recommending "Jill's" to every one of my close friends, my acquaintances, and anyone I meet in the street!!! Go check it out, you'll be glad you did!


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