Customer Testimonials

Geoff H.

Bellevue, WA


Great retail experience today. I had to get some jewelry appraised prior to shipping. I looked up a store with good reviews and reasonable rates, made an appointment and went over. The gemologist started doing measurements of the stones, taking notes, etc. I looked around the store and off in the corner was a room with a mirror on the wall reflecting a TV that was on I wandered over and there's a 10 x 10 room with a couch, wall mount HDTV, fridge with glass door full of pop and beer (!). I wander back to the counter and ask "what's up with the room over there?" Oh, that's the MAN CAVE they say. The owners are husband / wife. She's into jewelry, and he built out the interior of the store. He put in the MAN CAVE for guys to wait while women shopped. "You got a few more minutes here, don't you?" I asked. Yeah, sure! Help yourself, there's drinks in the fridge. So I did, and watched a few minutes of Empire Strikes Back -- ("Leia --she's my sister"). Yeah, I dig that place. Now if they'd just install MAN CAVES in fabric stores.

And the next day I got the appraisals, very professionally written.


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