Customer Testimonials

Judy G.

Bellevue, WA


I went to J. Lewis Jewelry on the strength of reviews here on Yelp, but my plan was to visit several stores. My husband and I took in an old brooch from my grandmother that had numerous tiny diamonds. Our goal was to create a ring with some of the diamonds. We had a vague idea of what we might like but had never done anything like this. Jody helped us, first examining the diamonds and then introducing us to the different kinds of rings that were possible. She was patient and open to many options, showing us numerous styles and explaining some of the differences in settings and materials. We fully expected to browse without making a decision, but at one point she showed us a channel setting and we knew this was exactly right. We were amazed at how skillfully she helped us narrow the choices and make decisions. There was never pressure or the sense that we had to rush. Normally we are slow to make decisions, but by the end of our visit we had selected the ring. We abandoned any thoughts of going to another store.

This week we went in and the ring was ready for us. Neither my husband nor I was prepared for how beautiful the ring would be. It took our breath away, and I was practically in tears from the emotion. To see a piece of my family history transformed so beautifully and now to have the joy of wearing this ring daily brings me tremendous pleasure. 

I recommend J. Lewis Jewelry without reservation, and if I have any further needs in jewelry, it is the place I will return to, happily.


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