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The Proposal

August 03, 2015 | By Kristin McCabe

Our Top 5  Romantic Proposal Ideas

The proposal may be one of the most nerve-racking times in your life. What are great proposal ideas?

To help you begin to think about this exciting moment, we have compiled a list of, what we think are, some of the most romantic and classic proposals out there.   


The Fancy Dinner

The mood is set with dark lighting, polished looking waiters and the smell of delicious food wafting through the restaurant. This is the perfect moment to pop the question. Some classic/romantic dinner ideas could be contacting the restaurant beforehand and have them put the ring in a champagne glass or around her napkin (as the napkin holder). The options are endless with this classic dinner proposal.

The Valentines Day Proposal

What could be better than proposing on the national day of love? Valentines day offers the perfect excuse to surprise her with a box of chocolates, roses and/or a fancy outing. Some great Valentines Day proposal ideas include; placing the ring inside a box of chocolates, place the ring around a few roses, or even pull the ring out on a romantic carriage ride in the park. 

valentines day

do you remember

Do You Remember...

The first place you met? Or the first place you went on a date together? Take your loved one to those special places and “pop” the question when the time feels right.

The Proposal with Friends & Family

Recruit your friends and family to help make the proposal a fun and memorable event. Plan a surprise party or a family brunch/dinner. Let them know the proposal plan ahead of time and they can make sure to photograph and document this memorable event just for you!

friends and family proposal

Follow the Trail...

To build anticipation, create a trail for your loved one to follow. Rose petals or candles will create an elegant path leading to the grand proposal or simply to the ring itself. The look on their face when they realize what is happening will be priceless!