Lifetime Warranty:

   Each piece of jewelry J. Lewis Jewelry sells comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty will protect your piece from any manufacture defect.

Normal wear and tear happens with any piece of jewelry and it is not considered a manufacture defect. If it is determined that your jewelry needs repair or maintenance due to wear and tear or damage, is the responsibility of the client and you must follow the recommendation for the necessary repairs preformed by J. Lewis Jewelry or your warranty will become void. Examples of maintenance needed over the years includes, but is not limited too, re-tipping prongs and replacing worn metal.

Like the wheels on a car, metals will wear down after time. We highly recommend having your pieces checked every 6 months and have any required maintenance done as needed. J. Lewis Jewelry must perform the recommended repair or maintenance needed or your warranty will become void.

J. Lewis Jewelry clients who live out of Washington State are responsible for shipping fees, both ways, for routine checks and maintenance. If applicable, any duty or customs fees are also the responsibility of the client.

If the original quality of a J. Lewis Jewelry piece or the center diamond or gemstone is damaged, abused, modified or altered in any way the warranty will become void.

J. Lewis Jewelry highly recommends insuring your jewelry personally as well as for issues such as loss or theft.