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When I met Jill to size it, I was a fan for life!! She is amazing, listening to everything you want and wish for and does her best to make it a reality.

Lisa C. | Seattle, WA

We took our heirloom Old European diamond here to be set into a new engagement ring last October. I wanted an antique setting to complement the stone but didn't know much else walking in. I read reviews on Yelp and was looking for a family-owned jeweler t

Anika E. | Renton, WA

Jill, the owner, and her staff were so nice and helpful. They answered a lot of my questions and gave me good advices. Her prices were reasonable. I was glad that I had stopped by at her jewelry store.

Michelle M. | Seattle, WA

I went to J. Lewis Jewelry on the strength of reviews here on Yelp, but my plan was to visit several stores. My husband and I took in an old brooch from my grandmother that had numerous tiny diamonds. Our goal was to create a ring with some of the diamond

Judy G. | Bellevue, WA

So I brought in my engagement ring to a place out of state to get it resized and returned to WA thinking it still didn't fit quite right. After reading the reviews here, my fiance and I brought it to J Lewis and co to check it

Dana B. | Kirkland, WA

I had the most amazing experience with J Lewis, and would recommend them without hesitation to anyone.

Patti P. | Renton, WA